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I offer a mobile service, visiting your dog in your home, where they are likely to feel more at ease. Each appointment will include an assessment of your dog followed by the necessary treatment. If required by the case, I may also form a treatment plan to leave with you. This plan will allow you to continue treating your dog in between appointments and therefore optimise the results.


Anything included in your dog's treatment plan will be demonstrated by myself before it is left with you. I will always be contactable if you have any issues or concerns. Depending on the case I may want to see your dog weekly, fortnightly, monthly or less, this will be established after your first appointment. 


There are many ways in which veterinary physiotherapy can benefit your dog. It is key in rehabilitating dogs following major orthopaedic surgeries, however this is not its only use.


 Physiotherapy can also help to;

​     Condition working or sporting dogs   ~   Aid in weight loss   ~   Maintain joint health in elderly and arthritic patients 

    Relieve pain related to musculoskeletal conditions   ~   Conservatively treat orthopaedic conditions

    Build and strengthen muscle



Below is a list of some common issues which could potentially be addressed by physiotherapy treatment. If your dog suffers from any of these, feel free to contact me or your vet for advice and to discuss how I could help. 

~ Hip Dysplasia

~ Elbow Dysplasia 

~ Arthitis

~ Obesity

~ Fractures

~ Spinal conditions

~ Cruciate ligament injuries

~ Neurological deficits 

~ Patella luxation

~ Postoperative rehabilitation

~ Conservative rehabilitation

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