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I offer a mobile service, visiting your horse in a familiar setting, in which they are likely to feel most comfortable. Your initial appointment will include a full assessment, which looks at your horses' gait, muscle build and tone, and joint range of motion. I will then perform the necessary treatment and form an exercise plan. The plans are designed to allow you to work with your horse in between appointments , in the hope we can get the best outcome.  

Anything included in your horse's treatment plan will be demonstrated by myself before it is left with you. I will always be contactable if you have any issues or concerns. Depending on the case I may want to see your horse weekly, fortnightly, monthly or less, this will be established after your first appointment. 

Training of Foals
Animal brown horse
Training of Foals


Veterinary Physiotherapy​ has its benefits for any horse, whether they be happy hackers or in high level competition. The services I can offer cover cases involving; post-operative rehabilitation, conservative management of conditions, conditioning of sporting horses and maintenance treatments, for example.

Physiotherapy can help to;

  Relieve pain/discomfort   ~   Break down areas of tightness in muscle   ~   Build muscle- address asymmetries 

  Improve joint range of motion   ~   Increase stride length   ~   Condition sporting horses

  Improve fitness- aid in weight loss   ~   Manage chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis 

  Rehabilitate post-operative cases

This list is not exhaustive, please contact me if you have any queries about what I can offer. 


Below is a list of common conditions which can be helped with physiotherapy treatment. If your horse suffers from any of these, or another orthopedic or muscular condition not mentioned, do not hesitate to contact me, or your vet, to discuss how I can help. 

~ Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

~ Osteoarthritis

~ Locking stifles

~ Fractures

~ Kissing spines

~ Neurological deficits 

~ Tendon/ligament injuries

All horses will benefit from being pain free, having even muscle build, a symmetrical gait and a supple muscle tone. For this reason, routine checks every few months can be positive for your horse, whether or not they have a specific injury or problem. Regular assessments can also help to detect any issues and catch and treat them early. 

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