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Veterinary Physiotherapists are governed under the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966). This means that you must gain approval from your vet before I can assess or treat your animal. In doing this, you can be sure that your animal is receiving the most effective and optimum treatment for their condition.


Find below a referral form to download to pass onto your vet, or use my contact form, leave me your details, and I will contact your vet on your behalf. 


Your initial appointment will begin with a full assessment of your animal. I will observe them both statically and dynamically - standing still and on the move - to look for any defects in their build or the way they move. 

I will also complete a full palpation, which is a hands on method of assessing muscles, joints and other soft tissues in the body. This gives me an idea of any areas of tension, swelling or pain.

Finally, I will test your animal's joint to see how effectively they can move - range of motion testing. This also helps to identify any swelling, heat, or clicking in the joints.

For follow up appointments, a brief assessment will be carried out before treatment. This is used to check on how your animal is progressing and to see whether the treatment is working. 

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