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Q. Do I need to speak to my vet before booking an appointment?

A. YES, as a Veterinary Physiotherapist I work under the Veterinary Surgeons Act, this means you must have permission from a vet before I can treat your animal. 

You may wish to speak to your vet first before contacting me, or alternatively I can speak to them on your behalf. Download one of my veterinary referral forms to send over to you vet.



Q. Do I need to be present during the appointment?

A. YES, I would advise that you are around during appointments, especially when I first meet your animal. This way you can be there to reassure them during the session and I find that patients are more comfortable with their owners present. 

If I go on to see your dog/horse regularly, there may be occasions when I am happy to treat them without you being present. 

Q. How long will my session last?

A. Initial sessions will last 1 hour, and follow up appointments 45 minutes. The first appointment takes slightly longer as I will take a history and carry out a thorough assessment of your animal's gait, muscle build/tone and joint range of motion. I also like to give your dog/horse some time to get used to me before I begin treatments. 

Q. What should I expect for my first appointment? 

A. The first time meeting yourself and your animal I will begin by asking you about your dog/horse and their history (previous injuries, health problems etc.). This will be followed by a gait assessment, range of motion testing, and muscle palpation. After this, I will treat your animal using manual therapies. Finally, I will draw up an exercise plan for your animal to be completed in between appointments. 

In some cases where an animal is particularly wary or cautious of me, I may not be able to get hands on and treat during the first appointment. If this was to happen I would work on building up their confidence and giving them time to get used to me. 

Q. Does my pet insurance cover physiotherapy treatment?

A. Some insurance policies will cover the cost of complementary therapies, which does include physiotherapy. 

Q. Do you offer out of hours appointments?

A. YES, I can be flexible with appointment times and will do my best to accommodate you. Appointment slots will include some evenings and weekends. 

If you have any other questions please fill out a contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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