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" Nancy has been brilliant with my 8-yr old Labrador Amber. She has been helping Amber with her rehabilitation following a partial elbow replacement in May 2019. Amber also suffers with arthritis and I’m certain that her time spent with Nancy has helped tremendously. Amber always gives Nancy a huge welcome and although at first she wasn’t sure about the physio she has grown to love it. Nancy is very knowledgeable, punctual and always has a smile on her face. It’s clear she loves what she does and I would highly recommend her "

Debbie and Amber


" Nancy has really helped my Dogue de Bordeaux Bella build up muscle on her front and hind limbs to support her elbow and hip dysplasia. The mobile service is excellent in helping Bella to feel comfortable and happy throughout the session and Nancy's kind nature and loving approach means that Bella goes crazy to see her and enjoys every part of it"

Becky and Bella


" Nancy was totally professional, prompt, knowledgeable, friendly and so helpful. Nancy built a rapport with my cat and our family, answered all of our questions, provided equipment and excellent physiotherapy regimes. Nancy taught us how to perform all the exercises and always took her time to ensure the utmost care. I am delighted with the results that I have seen for my cat following FHO surgery, as confirmed by the vet with a significant reduction in lameness. Thank you Nancy as my precious darling cat is well on the way to a full recovery, we are very grateful to you. Nancy followed all COVID guidelines such as wearing a mask and social distancing. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone looking to provide the best possible physiotherapy
for their pet in the convenience of their own home!"

Amie and Tobie


" I highly recommend Nancy, she is amazing and you can tell she is passionate about what she does. She is doing wonders for my French Bulldog after she suffered a spinal injury. I see such an improvement week by week! Nancy is always calm and patient with her as Betty has been so cautious with people touching her since the accident but Nancy makes her feel so at ease and the fact she offers a mobile service to make the dogs feel comfortable in their own home is great!"

Christina and Betty

Preston Review.png

" We decided to have physio, after trying different treatments for our dog with arthritis, hydro stressed him out to much so after a few months I had no option but to stop, I came across Nancy on Facebook thought I would give physio a go, I have definitely notice a difference in Preston since physio has started, Nancy is kind & caring and my dog is relaxed with her "

Joanne and Preston


" Phoebe has only had a few sessions with Nancy but the improvement is unbelievable. When Nancy first met Phoebe her back legs were very weak and she was knuckling on her back paws. She needed assistance in the garden as was toppling over. I am delighted with Phoebe’s progress. Nancy is a very caring lady and Phoebe is totally relaxed with her. She now has more strength in her legs and a more positive stance, she is also a lot happier in herself. I can not recommend Nancy highly enough for her help with Phoebe. She is professional, knowledgeable but also has that wonderful approach to animals where they just know they can trust her. "

Jude and Phoebe


" This brilliant young lady has provided a superb service to my 13 year old Bearded Collie , Dougal. Her caring and attentive approach to her work meant Dougal felt at ease throughout the treatment. Her mobile service is very professional, coming to my house and providing the treatment in a comfortable environment. I would highly recommend her services and look forward to seeing her again for the next treatment. "

Julie and Dougal


" Would like to thank Nancy for all the work she is doing with our dog Mannie.

He loves seeing her every week for his treatment and I can see much improvement with his walking and running, I know he’s in safe hands "

Liz and Mannie

EVA review.png

" Nancy has been absolutely brilliant with our Labrador who snapped her cruciate ligament and required physiotherapy post surgery. She immediately built up a rapport with her and was really patient and caring. Nancy explained in detail what we needed to do in between visits and leant us the necessary equipment for us to continue with Eva's exercises. She has always been available to answer queries by text, or adjust routines if I was struggling with them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her going forward. "

Catherine and Eva

Ken Review.png

" Ken had a tough start in life with a big elbow operation at 7 months. He was such a trooper and with Nancy's help has made a complete recovery. Her focus on and care for Ken is so kind and gentle - he loves her! I also feel like Nancy treated me just as much as Ken - he's my first dog and I was a neurotic mess but Nancy totally calmed me down, answered all my questions and listened to all my concerns really generously. Can't recommend Nancy enough. ”

Anna and Ken

Peanut Review.png

" Nancy has been helping Peanut since he went down with IVDD in October last year, he was given a low chance of walking again and making a full recovery due to the severity of his condition. Peanut has since started to walk again and can go out for his walks that he used to love before. I do believe that without Nancy’s physio and help, Peanut's recovery would not be where it is today. Peanut is back to his normal, loud, running around self and would like to thank Nancy for everything she has done for him. ”

Liv and Peanut

Storm Review.png

" Sadly my Storm was hit by a van 2 weeks ago. She’s been making great progress but required physio. After just 1 session with Nancy, Storm seemed like her old self again. Storm loved spending time with her. She still has a way to go but I’m sure with Nancy’s help she will get there. Thank you ”

Carli and Storm

Bean Review.png

" Wonderful service for my little rescue dog with a spinal deformity. So patient with her and always great sessions. Highly recommend. ”

Charlie and Bean

Bailey Review.png

"Our Cairn Terrier was limping heavily after rupturing a ligament and was told he would need surgery for a full recovery. We opted for Physiotherapy instead and alongside painkillers Bailey is trotting along loving his walks again! Can’t recommend Nancy enough she has really helped our Bailey "

Yasmin and Bailey

Buddy Review.png

" Nancy is very gentle and patient she made Buddy feel very relaxed. Buddy is walking and trotting very nicely again thanks to physio and hydrotherapy I highly recommend Nancy nothing seemed too much trouble for her, very helpful "

Anita and Buddy

Peppa Review.png

" I am so thankful for everything Nancy does for Peppa, who has suffered with a spinal condition for the last few years. Alongside hydrotherapy, Nancy has worked wonders keeping Peppa comfortable and happy. I am very particular about how Peppa is handled (paranoid dog mum, wishing I could wrap her in cotton wool!) but I trust Nancy explicitly with her and I can see how much Peppa trusts her too which makes me happy. The fact she falls asleep during her treatments says it all! Nancy is so patient with Pep and you can see how much she adores animals and what she does. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do "


Rachael and Peppa

Roxy Review.png

" Nancy has worked wonders with my little Cairn Terrier Roxy, I noticed a big improvement with her hips and back legs since I have been using her. Roxy can be a little madam and tries to steal treats out of her bag, Nancy is so patient and gentle I highly recommend this amazing lady. Thank you Nancy for looking after my little girl Roxy. ”

Emma and Roxy

Tumble Review.png

" Nancy has been wonderful working with my 13 year old chocolate lab Tumble, for the past year almost! Following a full elbow replacement 6 years ago he has made a full recovery but in the last 2 years he has began to age but having physio with Nancy has really brought him back to life to the point he can quite easily keep up with his 3 year old brother Squiggles!! Squiggles absolutely adores Nancy too and she makes so much fuss of both of them which is lovely!! Tumble loves his sessions and quite happily either falls asleep or demands tummy rubs while Nancy works her magic!! I highly recommend Nancy without any hesitation!! ”

Caitlin and Tumble

Tumble Testimonial (4)_edited.jpg

" We are often asked how our 13 year old dog, Paddy, keeps so young and active for her age. Well the secret’s out now — it’s Nancy!! She has been Paddy’s trusty physiotherapist for over a year now and is incredibly kind, professional, patient and knowledgable. Nancy was able to improve Paddy’s arthritis through manual and laser therapy, so much so that it’s been months since she’s had a flare up! Nancy also has a way with animals - Paddy, who is usually quite selective with who she likes, absolutely adores her and is sad the whole day after she leaves. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a vet physio! "


Clarice and Padfoot

Tumble Testimonial (3)_edited.jpg

" Nancy is brilliant, patient and knows her ways around the animals. Our 16-year-old Puggle had mobility issues due to injury and arthritis last year. Nancy is flexible (she travels to her clients' homes) and charges very reasonable prices compared to other vet physiotherapists. She performed comprehensive initial assessment, delivered monthly caring treatments which included observations, stretches and massage, gave us exercises to do with our dog, and showed us massage techniques. Our dog is keeping well under her great treatments. We do not hesitate to recommend her to future clients."


Macy and Charlie

Tumble Testimonial (2)_edited.jpg

" Nancy is just amazing! After a huge spinal operation and paralysis Nancy worked with our dachshund creating a bespoke rehabilitation plan and got her walking again. We now see Nancy every 8 weeks (my dog just loves to see her) to keep her in great shape. So knowledgeable, kind and caring, I highly recommend Nancy. "


Vicky and Dinky

Tumble Testimonial (5)_edited.jpg

" Would highly recommend Nancy! She has helped my little old man, Henry, with his arthritis. Henry is always wagging when Nancy walks through the door because she makes him feel at ease. She’s also very patient and kind with him 💙"


Hannah and Henry

Tumble Testimonial (6)_edited.jpg

" Nancy has really helped slow the progression of Bertie's arthritis which has been amazing. She is always on time, completely reliable and really lovely with Bert. I would definitely recommend her services."


Davinia and Bertie

Tumble Testimonial (7)_edited.jpg

" Nancy is fantastic, thorough, caring and gentle. We have a 55kg Cane Corso who has back leg issues and her physio and treatments have helped him massively. Would strongly recommend. "

Martin and Zeal

Tumble Testimonial (8)_edited.jpg

" Nancy is a very special young lady, she has extreme patience with Davey, who loves her to bits.

I find her very helpful, and dedicated to the work she does. Nancy obviously loves the work she does, and I would not go to anyone else for Davey's physiotherapy, as I am very particular and fussy about who looks after my dog. I look forward to 2023 with Nancy as I have seen my dog improving every time she has been here and would highly recommend her to anyone whose animal needs help."


Irene and Davey

Tumble Testimonial (9)_edited.jpg

"My dog Lola had an operation on her back last July and was given a 20%-30% chance of walking again, I believe that she has made such amazing progress and almost walking back to her old self due to her physio with Nancy. Lola is usually not too friendly to people she doesn’t know but she absolutely loves Nancy and is sometimes falling asleep or rolling around wanting to play she’s so relaxed. I would definitely recommend Nancy as a veterinary physiotherapist."


Sarah and Lola

If you have used my services and would like to leave a review you can do this on my Facebook page or on Google - just search for Nancy Dear Veterinary Physiotherapist - thank you!

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